August 17th, 2015

Many years ago, on a dark night, when everybody believed in ghosts, an amazing team of four, were sent on a mission to catch one. They were sent by William McKinley, the most powerful man living, the reward for completing this mission was $1,000,000 though if they didn’t complete it, they would be… BEHEADED!!!!! They had five days, so they set off towards the haunted mansion belonging to Faye Stella. Who had claimed there had been mysterious happenings in her house. They arrived, completely unconfident about what they have to do. So set and went to bed, and the hunting started much earlIer than they’d expected; there were arm, shapes pushing the plastic of the tent the sound of slime and oooooooooohs. They set out catch the ghosts, though the horrible creatures had other ideas for, Ben, Archie, David, Peter. The first day they disc overhead that ghosts could enter objects and people, but luckily, they had the ghost ray killer 3000! That helped on thing but the one big question for the group was: Where Is Archie? He had disappeared and no one could find him. The ghost hunters were scared and had a plan to run away to Italy, but, they were locked in… They already had a cage of fake ghosts as a trap, but that wasn’t going to work, and as soon as the turned around a floating body of the famous man AbrahamLincoln, and he spoke simple words, “I was assassinated, so I shall kill you!”

And the ghost hunters were never to be seen again.

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