Why did the elephant cross the road?

August 1st, 2015

It was clear. It was cursed. It’s dark, deep, gloomy eyes were staring straight into his. To Thomas, it was as clear as glass. All he had to do was report it to the zoo keeper. As he was only six and a half, he was smart enough to know that know one would listen to him, not even his own parents. So he opened the car door. He got as close to the cage as possible. He said ” Listen, Big guy! Stop freaking me out!!”

“Thomas!!! Get back in this car right this instant young man!” cried his mother.

Thomas ignored her. Her huffed and hit the cage as hard as he could. Then out of the blue the elephant stomped 3 times as hard as he could. And then Thomas was scared, he was so scared he was petrified x21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s eyes were getting deeper and deeper by the second. The elephant stomped again, but this time, there was a problem. The cage broke. The elephant came out and set his eyes on Thomas. Thomas began to run, he was running just fast enough to out-pace the elephant until…

Thomas ran out of space. It was the end of his life.

Why did the elephant cross the road you ask? The answer, to squash Thomas.

2 Responses to “Why did the elephant cross the road?”

  1. gfielding on August 1, 2015 6:39 am

    An excellent piece of suspense writing Alex. Great SPaG keep this up and I hope you having a great holiday.

  2. Alex Keir on August 1, 2015 10:36 am


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