The Trojan Horse ( re-written)

June 14th, 2015


A very long time ago, 3 to 4000 years ago, the Greeks played a trick on the Trojan’s, a trick that was so bad, it is still told to this very day.

In the time of the Ancient Greeks, there was an Ancient city-state across the coast of Turkey, over the sea from Sparta. The name of the city was Troy. Once, the Trojans and the Greeks were friendly, but friendships can change. The Greeks really wanted to take over Troy, but for the 10 whole years that it took the Trojan’s to build a 20 ft wall, but the Greeks never got in Troy.
“Trojans! You have fought very well! As a reward, we shall stop fighting you and also give you this beautiful wooden horse, GREEKS, RETREAT!” Odysseus yelled.( the leader of the Greeks )
Odysseus smirked to all his warriors as they fled all the way back to Greece.

Later that day, in the dead of night, the Greeks returned to the city of the Trojan’s whilst all of the citizens were asleep.
Odysseus’ plan was simple, sneak about 30 warrior’s in the horse and they would open the city gates from the inside.
“OY!!! Come on open the gate warriors, put your back into it!” Odyesseus yelled.
And in moments, the gate was wide open, and thousands of Greek soldiers poured into the helpless city of Troy and completely destroyed it for good.

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