June 14th, 2015

Five million years ago, after the asteroid hit, there was no life on Earth, just a Minotaur, a lonely Minotaur. He needed to create life; not just for company, to not be lonely. He created a mysterious creature; the HUMANS. The Minosaurus created marble, gold and many other rich modern ore’s, and with those ore’s he made a beautiful palace for the humans to live in. He decided to then give them names: Odysseus, Theseus and Minos. They had a vote for who to be king, Minos won; he kept the┬áminotaur as a pet. Kindly, the Minotaur mad a shining, gleaming, gold palace for Minos whils also making a brand new animal, the Tiger. The tiger was a very, very friendly beast.

The friendly beast tried to swim. Of course it tried really hard, but failed every attempt. Until eventually, after using up all of his strength he gave up. But the heavens above saw a animal in trouble; and was inclined to cast a spell on him to help him survive. There was one problem, nobody could Know of the heavens magic, so for the first time, a citizen, became, a god.

It was the first time this had ever happened, so they gave him a grand position, to be the king of the world. They decided to call him..

But the heavens above did not know that the Minotaur had cursed this animal with EVIL…

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