The Uncovered Mystery

May 8th, 2015

In a gloomy village which was described as uncanny, a group of 5 children were having a fantastic sleepover (which wasn’t going so well). Wayne was the head of the group. He also knew that everyone was bored, so he decided to read a book out. He picked out a ghostly looming book entitled ‘creepy’. He read this book aloud it was all about inexplicable happenings in a town called ‘Ghostville’.

As the children awoke in the morning, they found themselves lying carelessly on an eerie field. It was extremely misty. The group had no idea where they were. They decided as a group to walk into the mist, but the friends had no idea what was coming next…

They entered a bizarre town which was practically a mountain with houses dotted around its steep cliffs. It looked utterly disgraceful. They climbed the mountain (Mount Neverlast). The youngsters spotted a rigid sign which declared ‘Mount Neverlast’. They ambled into a shop hoping to find a map to show them were they where. But how disastrous, they had no money, so they went to find somewhere to live. Suddenly, a roaring fire set a blaze on a shack next to them. Scaredly, they ran away, trying to figure out what had started it. There was a line of fire coming from a cave, but by the time they’d looked, it had gone out like magic.

As the fire was out, they decided reluctantly to to explore. The children entered the supernatural cave. As they had nowhere to live, they unwillingly set up in the cave, though they didn’t know the dangers of living in a cave in Neverlast. As they settled down, Wayne noticed curious drawings on the wall. They looked childish, though, weirdly, they looked as if they’d been embossed with a flame. No ordinary flame, it looked like it came from a … DRAGON! The youngsters ignored it for the time being, but when Ben leaned against the back of the cave… IT OPENED! No matter what, the group could not deny this, however tired they were. Cautiously, they entered the cave. With Wayne leading, nothing could go wrong, or that was until, a fire flared! Unhappily, two colossal dragons scooted out and all with white hot fire streaming out of their mouths. But it wasn’t over, a man with a white beard came out of the cave.
“Hey, why’s Santa here?” asked Joey humoursly.
“Gimme some prezzies!” declared Ellie,
“No, I am the owner of these dragons,” replied ‘Santa’.
” Really, what are their names then, huh?” asked Wayne, confidently.

“Frankie, Fiona and Frankie Jr” replied the plump man.
“I’m ringing the police… and the press!” stated Megan.

Within minutes, millions of people were crowded around the forbidden cave. The ‘famous five’ had discovered the dragons and the dragons now belonged to them. It was the best sleepover ever!


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