The thing

April 28th, 2015

“Hello my name is Arthur and I live with my grandma, when I was young my mum and dad past away  ever since nothing has been the same. One day on the weekend Arthur was riding his bike around the small, gold, creepy estate there was one house at the end of the street an old man used to live there. He died.  The thing was no one ever went in and no one ever came out Arthur became more and more curious every day but one night Arthur was going to find out what was in that house at the end of the street. So later that night Arthur jumped out of his grandma house window Arthur ran to the house at the end of the street it was dark and scary when Arthur had got there he walked very slowly up the car park he knocked on the door.  There was a whispering voice it said “help” by now Arthur was tremberling with fear as he burst down the door he felt something whoosh past him and then the door slammed he tried to open the door but  then he realised the door was locked.

But Arthur was not going to give up he followed the scary voice up the stairs into the attic as he walked in the ghost disaperd then Arthur headed to a door, rapidly slamming it.  In the basement he sprinted down the stairs as quick as a jaguar the door stopped slamming as soon as he got there Arthur was absolutely speechless the door was leading down to the basement.  Arthur slowly followed the trail of red crayon as he stepped and stepped Arthur realised it was not crayon it it was blood!!!

Arthur was about to turn back when suddently he heard a little girl crying in the basement Arthur could not help his self so he dashed to the basement Arthur got to the bottom the voice stopped. Every step he took a shadow in the Corner got bigger roar!!!!!!! It was a man eating…..

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