The Spooky Voices…

February 6th, 2015

Cautiously, Frankie tiptoed into the deep dark cave, without a clue of what he was about to come face to face with. Carefully, he leant against the wall of the ancient cave, hoping not to make the slightest of noises. Behind the wall Frankie could hear gentle murmurs looming around. Before he knew it, the wall he was leaning on miraculously opened.

He fell slap on his face not daring to look up. What would be there? A monster? A mutant? No, A VAMPIRE! Frankie didn’t know what to do; if he called for help, no one would hear him. He was doomed. Oh but not Frankie, he picked up a sharp stone and was about to throw it when…

The vampire hurled at him ” You try to kill me!” screamed the vampire, ” I’ll kill you!”

On that split second Frankie fired the sharp stone at the vampires heart “That is not the way real life rolls!”

The vampire fell to the mouldy floor leaving revolting vampire blood all over the place (vampire blood is blue). Proudly, Frankie ambled out of the cave with all the villagers clapping enthusiastically as he had killed the town villain!

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  1. same on May 8, 2015 2:49 pm

    Great Work Callum!

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