Evacuee diary by Jody

November 23rd, 2014

Friday 11th April  1940

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow I am going away to the countyside. My mama told me that I’m going to be an evacuee. I am really worried because of what my papa told me. He said that I might never see them again. I hope my new family is nice then! Anyway, I have just finished packing my suitcase and I am getting ready for bed. My mama told me I need to be in bed early because I need to get up really early to be evacuated. I don’t think I’ll sleep at night. But anyway I have to get to bed or my papa will shout!

Satarday 12th April 1940

Dear diary,

I am on the train to the contryside. I do not know where I am going my mama and papa wouldn’t tell me because it is to upsetting for them. I am surrounded by other evacuees and they are all very quiet. I guess there is nothing to talk about! I can not see my mama and papa until the war is finished. It was really hard to leave them. We are now here at the countryside. I hope I get nice parents.  


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